You are ordering a SILVER Home Automation Package with Shades


Installation time 2-4 weeks!

*  Includes Delivery and Installation. You can customize your order below.


♦ 4 Battery Serena Shades (2 Blackout and 2 translucent size 58×94) Price will be adjusted later depending on style and size
♦ 8 lights (6 Dimmers, 2 Plugin Lamps)
♦ 6 Remote/Buttons
♦ 1 AC Thermostat
♦ Voice activation
♦ Management APP (iOS or Android)

Add Wall Switch/Dimmers ($120 each)

(Control more lights)

Add Plugin Lamp Switch/Dimmers ($90 each)

(Control Lamps or any plug-in device)

Add Remotes ($70 each)

(Handheld Remote Controls)

Add Doorbell/Monitor ($349)

Add Garage Opener ($285)

Control for 1 door/motor.

Add extra shades 58x94 Battery Operated ($780 each)

Honeycomb Light Filtering Single 9/16″ (white, Satin, Linen) or Roller Translucent (12 color options).
Other colors and configuration will incur extra price.

Total: $

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