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Most Configurations include:
♦ Lights (Wall Switch/Dimmers & Plugin Lamps)
♦ Remotes/Buttons
♦ Shades/Curtains
♦ AC Thermostat
♦ Voice activation
♦ Multi-Room Audio/Video with streaming

Installation takes 1-2 weeks!

Wall Switch/Dimmers

(Control lights)

Plugin Lamp Switchs/Dimmers

(Control Lamps or any plug-in device)

Handheld Remotes

(Control anything from a handheld remote)


(Chose one for each AC unit in your house)

Garage Opener

Shades - Battery Operated

Honeycomb or Roller (Different Styles and Colors to choose).

Voice Activation


Door Locks

Security Cameras System

Room entertainment solution.

(Consolidate TV remotes and A/V equipment from a single remote)

Audio System

(Smart Audio System can Control Music in different Rooms or Zones)
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